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Before reporting any trouble in installing the library, please ensure that the following points are correctly configured. Most of the problems for the compilation of the core C library should be related to an incorrect configuration in

  • Problems when linking. The environment variable associated with dynamic library should be set to YAELROOT/yael.
Architecture yael library name environment variable command to check missing libs
Linux 32/64 LD_LIBRARY_PATH ldd
MacOS X libyael.dylib DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH otool -L libyael.dylib
Note that the path to the dynamic library can also be hardcoded in the code that used i, with -Wl,-rpath,YAELROOT. This is done for Python’s interface.
  • Python. The PYTHONPATH environment variable should point to YAELROOT. The *_LIBRARY_PATH variable does not need to be set.
  • Segfault in Mexfile: MacOS 32/64 bits. If you have a 32 bits Matlab version with MacOS, then you should check that you have used the flag --mac32 when configuring Yael.
  • In Matlab, some issues come from the regular changes in releases of Matlab. We do our best to find some solutions (because we need this ourselves).
  • On MacOS, the use by default of the LLVM compiler also cause some (solvable) issues to use multi-threading in some of the functions. By default, multi-threading is disabled. Yet it is still available in some functions involving matrix multiplication, such as yael_nn.